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 Come forth!

Stand with us!

Brothers and sisters

 of Telara, we  hold back

the lurking horrors of the planes.

In the dark of night or the light of dawn,

we are battling to protect Telarans everywhere.

Abandoned by the Gods, called back from the Soulstream,

we rise Defiant! 

We are....FORSAKEN!

Forsaken is an active casual guild on Rift's Faeblight shard.  Comprised of mostly working adults our main goal and purpose is to provide a comfortable, friendly atmosphere where all players, new and old, can relax and enjoy the game at their own pace.  

We enjoy running expert dungeons, crafting rifts, MDDs, Raid Rifts, Chronicles, and are learning to raid.  We are NOT a raiding guild, but do enjoy casually raiding as guildies learn and wish to pursue it.  We enjoy helping people, and are willing to help anyone. We are looking for like-minded people who enjoy the game for the pure fun of playing....after all, it's NOT a job, it's a game!

Many of our players PvP, so if that is your thing, you will find friendly faces to join in WFs with.  We do not do much RP, but are  exploring that avenue as a possibility as well. Some days are just laid back, lazy game days, and others are a flurry of activity.  It just depends on the mood of the guild...but one thing you will not find in our guild is rudeness or elitist can log on and enjoy the warmth of family and friends. 

When you join Forsaken, it feels like coming home....

Welcome to Forsaken!

Welcome Home!
Guild News

A Forsaken Holiday

amrantine, Nov 13, 12 2:26 PM.
Twas the night before Fae Yule,
Faeblight was still. 
But a guild called Forsaken
was planning a thrill
for machine born Defiant,
Vigil blessed, All.
They hoped the Ascended would hearken their call.
Blessed with a bounty they wanted to share,
Forsaken were giving out gifts everywhere.
From Ark of Ascended to Sanctum itself
they shared with Eth, Bahmi, Mathosian, Elf,
Kelari and Dwarf, all levels and race.
In every bag would Forsaken place
gifts beyond measure, with kind word and smile,
sharing the joys of the season with style. 
As presents were given, they yelled out with cheer,
'Hooray for the Holidays, Forsaken was here!'

Personal and Guild Dimensions...a Place of our Own!

amrantine, Aug 23, 12 10:27 PM.
Hey guys...I came across this article and video release about the new dimensions we will have....check it looks fantastic! 

Forsaken's Dimension is going to be incredible!

Christmas Giveaway!

amrantine, Aug 14, 12 11:01 AM.
Our Christmas in July giveaway was a HUGE success, and we are going to do it even bigger and better for the holidays!  Start saving your goodies for Forsaken's biggest guild event ever!  We have 3 alt banks for storage, so feel free to send items to Kettana, Ironmark, Thimia or artifacts only to Boughsinger.  What type of items are we looking for?  Glad you asked!  We can use silk and spellspun silk to make bags (the cloth takes much less room than the bags do), costume items or mats to make them, fish that give reputation, dyes and higher lvl potions, artifacts, darkened bones to make fireworks, items like imp's trinket or spirit of the squirrel that changes your form, and items you get out of higher rifts and such that can be used to make lures, like elder tablets, soul slivers, etc.  We need fish that give notoriety, as well as ember stoneskins and brightwater octopus to make costumes with. Also pets like harbinger of regulos and the tamed bracken are fun to give away as well...whatever you think someone would like to receive as a free goodie.  And if you have other suggestions for items, or about the giveaway, feel free to let us know!  Hope to have twice as many people helping this time, and we even have other guilds that want to lets get saving, and have a HUGE holiday blowout!!!
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